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With 24 years of legal experience, I seek to fill the vacancy in the Waller County can i buy an essay online Court at Law left by the untimely death of Judge June Jackson.  The passing of Judge Jackson was a significant loss to Waller County.  Judge Jackson spent her professional career working to build a strong reputation for integrity and fairness in her Court, and now I seek to carry on that legacy which she created.  It is critical, now more than ever, to elect a Judge with the experience needed to go to work right away.  There is simply no time for on-the-job training.  The families of Waller County deserve a Judge who is experienced, empathetic, and who will apply the law to the facts of the case without legislating example of leadership essay for mba from the bench.



I graduated from Katy High School in 1984 and from Texas A&M University in 1988 with a B.B.A. in Accounting.  In 1992 I earned a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston Law Center, and since 1994 I have practiced law in Hempstead with emphasis in family law, criminal and juvenile law, and probate.  During my career over the last 24 years, I have handled over 3,000 criminal law and juvenile cases, over 1,000 family law we have began or begun cases, and over 500 probates and guardianships.  I have had more direct experience practicing in the Waller County Court at Law, specifically, than any other candidate.


I have spent my professional career developing the knowledge, experience, and character necessary to be the Judge of this Court.  I am uniquely qualified for this judicial bench and promise to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to this position and the people of Waller County.  I have the energy, passion, and experience to tackle this job head-on.  I am committed to preserve and protect our community under the law, and to ensure all people are treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.


I am 50 years old and a native of Waller County.  I am the third generation in my family to live on our family farm in Hempstead, where I currently reside with my husband of twenty years, Richard Stoker.  I am proud of my deep Waller County roots and extremely grateful for the strong, Christian values that were instilled in me by my parents and grandparents.  I am a true conservative who believes in small town family values, strong moral character, and leading by example.

Career Highlights

  • 24 Years Practicing Law
  • Attorney Ad Litem for children since 1994
  • Mediator since 1996
  • Handled over 3,000 Criminal Law and Juvenile Cases
  • Handled over 1,000 Family Law Cases
  • Handled over 500 Probates and Guardianships
Help Elect Chaney

I have no doubt Carol Chaney is everything a Judge should be: dedicated, fair, knowledgeable, and most importantly, already experienced to handle the demands of this position.”

Judge Owen Ralston

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