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The County Court buy paper cheap at Law of Waller County is unique among courts of its kind, in that many different areas of the law are practiced in this court.  It has jurisdiction in cases of divorce, child custody, child support, child abuse and neglect, probate, trusts, guardianship, mental health, juvenile law, criminal misdemeanors, eminent domain, and civil cases with amounts in controversy from $500 to $200,000.  This court also has jurisdiction over appeals from the Justice of the Peace and municipal courts.

This judicial bench became vacant as a result of the untimely death of Judge June Jackson, who served the citizens of Waller County for over 26 years and built a strong reputation for integrity and fairness in her court.  I would like to carry on the legacy that Judge Jackson created in this court for the people of Waller County.

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Approximately 60% of this court’s docket pertains to families and children going through divorce, child custody, child support, child abuse and neglect, and adoptions.  My top priority and commitment as Judge will be to the welfare of the children in these cases.  I want to be known as a “Champion for Children” and will ensure the needs of children appearing before this court are met.  The Judge of this court has to make gut-wrenching decisions regarding which parent should have custody of their children, and sometimes children must be removed from their homes when abuse or neglect is involved.  These decisions may completely change the trajectory of the lives of the children and families who appear in this court, which is why experience matters.  I have served as an Attorney Ad Litem or Amicus Attorney for children for over 24 years.  I have always been a strong advocate for the safety, welfare, and protection of children.

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Most people prefer to steer clear of the law, lawyers, and the courts.  However, if something happens to you, your family or friends, our legal system becomes immensely important.  When it is your case, when it affects your life, competence matters, experience matters, everything matters.  You want to have confidence that the Judge hearing your case embodies the principles of honesty, fairness, integrity, and respect.  Everyone has the right to their day in court and the right to be heard.  I believe in our Constitution and our judicial system.  I will not compromise my integrity.  I am not intimidated or swayed by public opinion, nor will I tolerate discrimination.  I am committed to preserve and protect our community under the law, and to ensure all people are treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.

I have no doubt Carol Chaney is everything a Judge should be: dedicated, fair, knowledgeable, and most importantly, already experienced to handle the demands of this position.”

Judge Owen Ralston

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